5-day DAMN. exegetical study 

Exegesis comes from the Greek word exēgēsis which means critical interpretation, and it's often used in the context of the Bible. Engaging in an exegetical study means to critically analyze and decipher the meaning of a text. In this mini-course, the text we will be conducting an exegesis of or investigating is DAMN. By Kendrick Lamar. This... Continue Reading →

World Cup FINAL Preview

Smallest Country to potentially win WC vs. Three-time Finalists Alright, Its the World Cup final. Woohoo! Actually no, it's interesting how sad I am even though the World Cup final is tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the end of this month-long marathon of watching soccer games. No more waking up at 5 (PST) and watching epic matches... Continue Reading →

World Cup Semi-finals preview

The Francophone War (Belgian Golden Generation vs Star-studded France ) Two French-speaking nations, Belgium and France will face off in a surely gripping match in the semi-finals of this World Cup. France is favourite going in and their talent is immense. Contrary to my predictions, they found a way to hack into Uruguay's defence, which... Continue Reading →

World Cup Quarterfinals Predictions

Unbreakable Uruguay vs Juvenile France Uruguay has been one of the strongest defensive teams of this tournament so far. They completely shut down Ronaldo's Portugal last game and stifled their offensive prowess. Cavani has been a pivotal actor in Uruguay's success so far. He started off slow in the group stages, in terms of his... Continue Reading →

My Round of 16 predictions

Last-minute clinchers vs French U-23 national team The youngest team at this World Cup, France who sport prodigies like Dembele, Fekir, Pogba, and Mbappé will face off against Argentina. It is important to note how "clutchly" Argentina got here. After getting destroyed by Croatia and tying to Iceland, they did, however, put up an impressive performance against the Nigerians and were fortunate that Iceland didn't beat Croatia which would have surely eliminated them. It will be close, but "Messigican" will spearhead his side past France's youthful nimbleness, who drew to Denmark and only beat Peru and Australia by a goal each. Argentina will win.

My World Cup predictions

Group A: The Minnows (The worst group) Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay This group is frankly the most boring. Saudi Arabia is arguably the crappiest side in this tournament and the hosts aren't anticipated to exceed any expectations either. However, In first place will be Egypt. The Pharaohs are on fire and they have Liverpool... Continue Reading →

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