My Dear Melancholy EP by the Weeknd: REVIEW

"Should we drop on Friday, I'm indifferent to be honest, " teases Abel on Instagram before the release of his latest project. Indifference seems to be an unusual attitude when dropping new art, but that's what the Weeknd is, and is on this album - indifferent, to anything other than himself - meaning seemingly unconcerned and careless with anything other than his endless desires for sexual gratification and romance.

Flower Boy Album by Tyler, the Creator: REVIEW

Commonly does the poet use nature as an inspiration for creating compelling poetry, but seldom do you see the Rapper doing the same - up until the release of Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator. Although it is to be said that this album is not so much inspired by nature as it is an analogy used to elucidate the complicated world of Tyler. This album is lyrically and musically confused, happy, sad and insecure just like the artist producing it. And that's why this album is so great - honest and introspective yet coy and uncertain.

good Kid, m.A.A.D city album by Kendrick Lamar: REVIEW

Growing up in such an ominous place like Compton, Kendrick gives you the best possible storytelling of the story of a good kid in a mad city. Whether he's fucking reflecting in his head whilst drinking swimming pools full of liquor, committing a robbery, or rapping on behalf of a prostitute, he's destroying every Rapper around him. Other than a couple of distasteful vocals on a few of tracks, this album is one of the most influential and enjoyable records ever made

Bobby Tarantino II Mixtape by Logic: REVIEW

Unlike "Everybody," supposedly deep, and meaningful music is put aside for "Bobby Tarantino II," and fucking lit bangers are on the agenda. Dope bars, bangin’ beats, and formidable confidence are a priority, just like any Trap mixtape or album. But it is important to be aware that this is so-called "Conscious Trap," as Logic explains in an interview with HardKnockTv, so totally meaningless party-beats was not to be expected.

Acid Rap mixtape by Chance the Rapper: REVIEW

Freshly out of teenagehood, the Chicagoan Chance the Rapper dropped his Acid Rap mixtape in 2013. He brings together a quirky, laughable, and word-twisting piece of music that does nothing short of entertaining the listener. It features impressive rhymes, tuneful beats, occasionally profound moments, but some terrible and forgettable lyrics as well. Musically, the mixtape sports elements of classic soul, juke, blues-rock, drill, and acid jazz, but is heavily glazed over with Chance's cartoonish, and lively personality.

4:44 Album by Jay-Z: REVIEW

"It’s like Jay can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references," Drake boldly says in an interview in 2014. And that's exactly what this thing is; an artistic "fine wine," or "aged-cheese," if you will. 4:44, is a record unlike any of Jay-Z's previous works. A once young, “gangsta,” and drug-dealer Jay-Z is now a father, businessman, husband, and thanks to this project, a sophisticated and venturesome artist. Club-bangers, fire beats, or youthful braggadocio are nowhere to be seen. Instead, we get an intimate, vulnerable and cathartic rap album that is low-key, and admirably retrospective.

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