My Appearance on The Adam Carolla Show

I had the great pleasure of joining Adam Carolla on his podcast. We discussed police brutality, race relations, white privilege, and the recent fatal police shooting in Philadelphia.

Available on YouTube (above) and Spotify, Apple podcasts, and all other podcast platforms.

One thought on “My Appearance on The Adam Carolla Show

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  1. Just listened to you on the AC show. Great job! I think that Adam inadvertently emphasized your point about about the narratives getting in the way of real and productive discussions (no knock warrants, police choke holds, etc…) when you brought it up and he kinda’ glossed over it with more about the story and the narrative. I know it wasn’t intentional on his end. I think that a lot of people (even on the far-ish right) do see the need for a lot of common sense reforms. It is a shame that discussions about race, global warming, covid, and everything else devolve into an all-or-nothing race to assign blame. Even in my normal day to day, I am much more interested in finding a solution for something and getting past it rather than dwelling on it and arguing about who got us to this point. You’re doing good work! Keep it up and stay strong!



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